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Discord is my natural habitat, and with a toddler at home I generally prefer asynchronous communication. Sometimes, though, someone has a problem that is best solved via live chat with screen sharing — but can't justify the time & money commitment of an entire cohort-based workshop like the ones offered by Linking Your Thinking. On the other hand, live one-on-one chats scale pretty poorly as a way to help people — by definition, I'm only helping one person, instead of producing content that could help multiple people. That's the kind of situation consulting is made for, right?

I do have a bit of room in my schedule for one-on-one help, but I feel a little weird charging outright for it. Still, a couple of people have asked about it, and I've decided on a method I'm comfortable with: I'll accept donationsafter the meeting. If I help you, you pay me what you think the help was worth.

I have no idea what kinds of consulting rates are normal, but I ran the numbers, and I made $50 an hour my last year as a social studies teacher — $75 if you count the value of my pension, benefits, etc. That seems like a reasonable starting rate — and if it seems like too much because you're a student or from a country with a lower cost of living than mine, feel free to scale down as appropriate. If you're independently wealthy or the CEO of a billion-dollar company, it would be cool if you scaled up instead, but that's between you and your conscience.

If you want to guarantee access to my time and attention for a longer period of time, reach out and we can negotiate something a little more formal. If none of the times on my calendar work for you, reach out and I'll see if I can fit you in anyway.